It's a full SMOON tonight

I know I know...Simone is over-posted in the Epica world, but you can't blame us. She's FLAWLESS. Her voice is unmatched, her features are to die for, and her hair is just...AKSNDRIEEODNISSJSJ. Do not challenge that or I will give you no end of hell. And yeah, I'm straight and female. WHO ARE YOU TO JUDGE MY OPINION?

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Within Temptation - Murder


Within Temptation - Murder

Who here likes WT?

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Hair Porn

Simone Simons

Redhead Extraordinare

Epica - Martyr of the Free Word


Epica - Martyr Of The Free Word


The Phantom Agony Multi-angle stream. SIMONE!

Epica - Chemical Insomnia


One of my favourite from their latest album The Quantum Enigma

Same here!

Epica - Dreamscape - Acoustic version -

Original by Gerald Naber

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Post clarification:

The previous post did not say the band or artist will NEVER come to your country. It said that they don’t just come just because you asked. They come if they booked a venue there. Again…NOT BECAUSE YOU ASKED. Plus, initially my point was that it really annoys people when they go to a status or photo to see what people say, and more than half of the comments and replies are people writing their country’s name in all caps. I’m obviously not the only one who feels this way. I’ve even seen band members state “I can’t come to your country if I’m not booked there.”

Look, I know you want to see your favorite artists and bands, but this never works. A lot of people do get irritated by this…


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[05/?] EPICA pt 02/02 (x)

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